Providing vision-testing & free glasses to remote communities

In collaboration with Global Vision 2020 to deliver vision-screening and prescription eyeglasses to people in the most remote areas on earth. Sight is the gateway to safety, education, prosperity, and self-sufficiency. Together we can help deliver life-changing vision-testing and free glasses to some of the 2.5 billion people who lack access to optometrists. We aim to provide vision-screening kits serving 30,000 people per year with in some of the remotest areas of Asia and Africa. 

World Uplift has partnered with Global Vision 2020 to deliver vision-screening kits and training resources to communities across some of the poorest areas in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Mongolia. Each kit contains enough glasses for 500 free pairs of prescription eyeglasses. In collaboration with local community groups we will deliver these kits to 65 separate communities in our first year, providing enough pairs of glasses and over 33,000 children and adults.  

2019-2020 PROJECT


Communities will receive Global Vision 2020 vision testing and prescription eyeglass kits. 


People will receive vision tests and prescription eyeglasses, most for the first time.


Fundraising target 2019-2020 to make this possible.