April 2020

On February 4th 2020 the World Uplift team departed from Dulles Airport bound for Yangon, Myanmar. The team carried with them 3,000 pairs of eyeglasses and USee® vision testing equipment from Global Vision 2020.'

This followed an intensive training session with Global Vision 2020 in Maryland a month earlier, where volunteers had been shown how to use and train community leaders on the use of the USee® system.

During their time in Myanmar the team visited five informal communities surrounding Yangon, home to some of the poorest people in the city. Over five days the World Uplift team tested over 650 people’s vision and gave out 570 pairs of glasses to people for whom clearer vision for the first time would mean improved opportunities for employment and education.

The team also trained local community facilitators in each location and left testing equipment and pairs of glasses so that they could continue to assist those in need.

The project is being monitored by a local partner organization who will report on ongoing vision testing efforts.