June 2020

Having successfully concluded our first fundraise and delivery of the gift of vision to communities in Yangon, World Uplift is a gain partnering with Global Vision 2020 to deliver their  their simple, innovative and low-cost, USee vision testing kits to communities in Puerto Rico. Each kit is provided with training and can provide the life-changing gift of clear sight in minutes. 

In 2017 Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, devastating the island and plunging all of its 3.4 million residents into a desperate humanitarian crisis. Organizations have rallied from across the globe to collaborate with Puerto Rico's residents on rebuilding after this disaster. However, many basic functions remain unavailable to those thrust into an ongoing precarious situation by the devastation of Hurricane Maria. 

Because of this World Uplift have worked with local communities and partner charitable organizations to identify areas of great need for basic health and wellbeing facilities, including eyeglasses. We are presently planning to deliver vision testing equipment, training and 1,000 free pairs of eyeglasses to communities in Puerto Rico in June of 2020.