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World Uplift is a faith based charitable organisation, founded as a global aid project platform by Beautiful Church (a 501-c organisation) based in Virginia, U.S.A.


The World Uplift program aims to meaningfully improve the lives of disadvantaged communities both locally and internationally - building stronger, more resilient futures families everywhere. We believes in the power of communities across the world to share in achieving meaningful and sustainable change, improving lives and assisting those in need through programs in the areas of education, healthcare, equality, clean energy and urban poverty mitigation. 

Working in partnership is at the heart of our objectives. We connect with local grass-roots action groups, NGOs and religious organisations, with whom we develop projects that efficiently allocate resources to those most in need - creating lasting change in the lives families across the world.


We will be flexible in our responses to emerging needs and develop support that takes a holistic approach to solving problems and improving lives in five emerging nations, focussing upon the thematic areas selected by World Uplift. Our core objective is to deliver direct and sustainable improvements in the opportunities and conditions of partner communities.